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List of my talks in chronological order:

1) WordUp Bydgoszcz #1 (10/04/2014)

title: Power to the pe^H^H servers!
slides: power-to-the-servers.pdf
video: no footage recorded

2) WordUp Gdańsk #4 (27/06/2014)

title: Naucz WordPress chomikować, czyli przegląd rozwiązań cache'ujących
slides: lost
video: no footage recorded

3) Zimowisko Linuksowe Puck 2016 (12/03/2016)

title: Koszmar z ulicy systemd
slides: koszmar-z-ulicy-systemd.pdf
video: no footage recorded

4) MeetIT Toruń #12 (10/05/2017)

title: Koszmar z ulicy systemd v2.0
slides: koszmar-z-ulicy-systemd-v2.pdf

5) Polish BSD User Group Meetup #23 (11/03/2020)

title: Koszmar z ulicy systemd v3.0
slides: koszmar-z-ulicy-systemd-v3.pdf
video: not recorded, event did not take place due to corona circus
comment: PDF published 06/07/2021 during website makeover