Hello world!

Somehow you've navigated to my personal website. My name is Krzysztof Staniorowski and I'm based in beautiful city of ToruĊ„, Poland.

I'm a GNU/Linux sysadmin but I can take care of many other things (case design, low power solutions, software/hardware consulting, networks, sound mastering, technical translation).

Since late childhood I expressed deep interest in computers and music. This haven't changed, I still hop between (often exotic) platforms to make my work more efficient and leisure time more enjoyable. I daily use RISC OS, Windows 8.1 and GNU/Linux operating systems. Sometimes I compose electronic music. I should also mention around five years of experience in civic journalism (podcasting and radio content, mostly coverage from conferences and cultural events). Why not read more stuff on my website?
It's a good idea to check out my carefully curated Spotify playlists too.

Should you ever need to contact me there's few different arrangements available:

My resume can be made available after prior e-mail and/or personal contact.